• Universal design works with virtually any tablet (if case is used, it must be less than 10mm thick)
  • Apple iPad - full size and mini (iPad Pro models must be used with a hard case), Samsung Galaxy (all models and sizes), Asus Google Nexus 7, Vivotab, Microsoft Surface Pro 3,4 plus most any other tablet
  • Will fit any tablet that with an edge that will fit into the 10mm wide slots
  • Flexible legs will fold down to compact size
  • Flexible and stable design perfect the bed, the couch, or any uneven surface


Verified Purchases:
This is a great product and very versatile. When I use it while sitting on my couch, I can bend two legs down and keep two legs straight to balance on the arm of the couch. In bed I bend all four legs down and arch it over my stomach. To whoever said this item doesn't work with the iPad Pro, they either don't own this product or an iPad Pro because I am using it with my Pro as I type this review. The only drawback with this product is that it is a bit bulky. You can bend the legs together, but it is still a large piece for traveling. In my opinion this is a very small inconvenience for what this product does. I watch a lot of tv and movies on my iPad and being able to do so hands free is a big plus for me.