Despicable Me 3 Flying Minion

Product Description

Despicable Me 3 Flying Minion Dave is a Jail Break special edition from the movie! Infra-Red Patented Heliball sensor technology is housed in Dave's feet. Simply wave your hands or feet below Minion Dave to see his propeller powered back pack come to life and fly Minion Dave upwards and out of Jail!

The sensors also work as ground obstacle detection so as Minion Dave fly's close to the floor he will detect it and fly upwards. Great gameplay as you try to keep Dave in the air using just your hands or feet! Despicable ME3 Jail Break Flying Minion Dave is recommended for ages 8 and up.


  • Use your hands, feet or any other part of your body to fly Minion Dave
  • Handset activates on/off and Auto take off feature
  • Heliball patented sensor technology detects solid objects below and moves away
  • See how close you can fly Minion Dave to the ceiling or floor
  • Fly up to 3 at any one time without any frequency interference
  • Charge Time: 20minutes
  • Run Time: 8 minuntes
  • Includes Flying Minion Dave on/off handset, rechargeable battery and re-charging USB cable
  • Rechargeable Battery: Included