Sito di cose favolose. Non vedo l ora di ricevere il mio ordine


sonia oliva

  So far so good! I love your site it's easy to use & gives me a happy vibe!!


Sairajane Booler

 Positive! ?


Estefania Jiménez Rodríguez

 i received my items, and that was perfect... thanks


Brutus Nicolas

  Is very easy to buy, love your products


Ulises Ernesto Morales

 Smooth, clear and easy


Diego Bravo reyes

 La forma de compra fue sencilla , aunque en inglés . Espero la entrega sea pronta . No recuerdo haber visto la fecha , si me la pueden enviar por favor


Elda Lujan Medina

 Beautiful colourful products; brings a smile whenever you look at them. Easy shopping.


annie midgley

 I try for weeks to place my order and your system couldn't process my CC Visa, I checked with my bank and everything was fine.Today I tried to made another purchase using my discount coupon and I got a message that the coupon number wasn't correct. Again tried many times and did let me. Frustrating


Bertha Alicia Barocio

 The experience was great. Had some troubles having multiple tabs/pages of the site open at the same time to see many products at once, but the shopping was really swift. Amazing things!


Miguel Oliva

 its easy and friendly using, so ,i ll keep buying for next stuff, thank you,,your sincerely ,, johny indonesia, 081808993892


johny santoso



Patricia Kacerova

 Commande recu super rapidement en seulement 17 jours


Sebastien Guillet

 Easy shopping experience - however there's no mention of estimate shipping times before making the purchase. It was a gift for a birthday two weeks from now so 4 weeks is a little bit of a stretch :(. A lack of foresight on my part for leaving it this late!


Leanne Gerich

It was easy to use your portal, i hope It doesnt take so long to receive my product


Beatriz Sepulveda

it was easy and fast. I keep waiting for it to arrive but im sure everything will be ok. if not, i`ll let u Know. Thanx


olga xargay

Service was excellent. The quality of the goods were exactly as described in the offer and delivered quickly.


Mark Frederick Chapman

Hi, I am so happy sofar with you and with the person italked to when i was shopping... It was Jane if i remember good of her name... I liked shopping whit u and thank you the dicont what u sent me... So i can not wait to get my thing what i bouth! Thank u very much xxx :)


elizabeth koczo

Great offers & super Soul tools.


Greg Gibson

Fast and easy shopping. Now just hope for delivery soon.


Cecilia Hedström

So far so good. Xxx


Leanne Wood

super easy website, easy shopping, great value for money products!


Gergo Danka

 Very positive


Michelle Carey




 ordering process was easy...cannot wait for my bracelet to arrive...thank you


david sungkoro

 It's my First order...Fantastic!!!Francesco


Francesco Bernasconi

 It was fast and I am glad to get a response from you after my purchase. Hopefully the product is as good as I am expecting it to be. Thank you.


Mat k

 Easy pleased with process of ordering


bruce hyland

 I had never heard of your company so I was very pleasantly surprised by how efficient, easy and professional the check out was! And free shipping was awesome. I don't mind the 3-4 week wait. Looking forward to my beautiful yoga blanket/rug!! :)


Juliana Colangelo

 I had to change my address on my order and they helped my very promptly through chat. Thanks!


Jessica Villa



Surangani Wijayasinha

 Would be great if I could ship to other than myself for gifts.


Yvonne Verwohlt Hansen

 Contestan súper rápido y en tu idioma ? Son unos genios los felicito Solo espero q llegue bien mi Mándala ????


Mariano Langner

 Easy to use website, quick and efficient shopping.


Rachel Bass

 The website was easy to use! Looking forward to seeing the product in person.


kim Mccullough



Sylvia Hassaine

 The website was easy to navigate. The bracelet is lovely and, I look forward to receiving it.JennieD



 Thank u so much


Rahul Chauhan



Evita Kromane

 Thanks and I feel great and happy happy



 Very easy transaction! Thank you. I look forward to receiving my yoga beach towels. Thank you for the discount code for a future purchase.


Beniamino Gallinaro

 Very Nice company


Angelo Cutaia

 Very good!


Evert Hoven

 Great One!


Anna Ivacheff

 I love your choices of items online....I would request most fervently that the "imperial" measurements be included on your website. I don't deal with the metric system. I know...it's the way it is these days but so as to avoid running for a calculator that can convert to the old imperial measurements....it would be very helpful to have that measurement system in brackets perhaps. A lot of sites do just that, for those who use the old ft. inches, yards, and miles, etc. lol


Denise Lemire

 I'll let you Know when it comes in but so far it looks good


Brigitte Lacoste

I love your products and services


Luxmi S

 Very good level of customer service and interaction. Gave a new customer like me the assurance that you are reliable and responsible. All the best.


Peter Leong

 Thank you for the kindness and Nice gesture.


Eric Beudaert

 The strategy that indicate the quantity of products remaining is cool. I hope that there will be more products in future. Understanding that UPKEEPYOGA is a platform to promote yoga lifestyle, the company could consider enhancing it's products with yoga knowledge, stories and sharing from their customers.


Paul Goh

 Amazing work guys keep it going more people need to stabilize they energy and you guys doing it classy and beutifull.


Roxana Pernas Huerta

 Quick, efficient and easy to order. Thank you


Jeff Ryan




 Fast, easy to use, customer focused company :)

Szonja Kovacs

 Thanks for awesome customer service! :)


Norel Kakis

 Thanks! GOOD imformation I wont you show other product ^^



 my items don´t arrive yet - but till this time I have a good experience with shopping